What do trust worthy charities look like?

Picking a charity that you can really believe in can be challenging. You want to pick a charity that matches your values as a person or family and one that you can trust. Trust in charities has taken a hit in recent years with so many stories about charities breaking the rules. So how are you make sure that your donation is making it to the right people? Below are the five things that you should think about when picking your charity.

1. Does the charity have a mission?

A mission clearly lays out the charities goals and their values as an organisation. If the charity doesn’t have a mission it probably means that there is some confusion within the organisation.

2. Does the charity follow the rules?

Have you checked to see that they are meeting all of the legal requirements as a charity. Check they have a charity number and that they have completed they annual charity regulator report. 

 3. They have long terms plans

If they don't have long term plans they don't have any planning or commitment to their mission. It's important to question that.

4. They have good people

Who is on their board? Who runs the charity day-to-day? You need to look into those people to make sure they are in good standing.

5. They share their progress

 If they take your donation and never hear from them that's probably not good. Some charities have limited resources and can't be in contact all the time but they should have a yearly report so you can see out things are going. 

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Written by HUGS Team