Could you offer a child a simple hug?

At Help Us Give Smiles that's exactly what we want from our volunteers, the ability to raise a smile in a child that needs to laugh and help them play more than anything else. Specialist volunteers are very important around the global but the skill of making a child laugh and enjoy being a child is just as important.

Our volunteers travel to Kenya for two weeks. During that time they get to experience an average day for these children. From school to education, they learn what real life is like and they see where the money they raise is being spent on the ground in Kenya. Of course there is a good deal of laughter, nail painting and coloring along the way. 
Volunteers must pay for their own flights, food and transport. They must also raise a min of 700 Euro to put towards projects on the ground including food purchase for the center, soap, sheets, tooth brushes, shoes, school bags, medicines etc.  
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