What makes HUGS stand out from other charities?

Picking a charity, that you can really believe in can be challenging. You want to pick a charity that matches your values as a person or family and one that you can trust, but you also want to feel like your donation matters.

How does HUGS spend donations? 

HUGS spends donations in four ways depending on the source and the donors wishes. 

  1. Education, this is one of the key areas that HUGS spends donations. Every year with the help of our donors we send kids to primary, secondary, third level or post education programs. 
  2. Sustainable farming, again every year we support farming projects. In the past this has included crops, animals, feed, water structure and buildings.
  3. Medicine and running costs, for the purchase of basic medicine, materials and food for the youth resource center.

All three of above are funded by small donors that come together with 100% of their donation going directly to that purpose. 

Support and Growth, as HUGS has no employees but does have legal requirements and responsibilities some donors support HUGS ability to stay compliant or pay for subscriptions to allow for donations. i.e an accountant to allow us to correctly file with the CRO and keep our books in order for our supporters and the annual subscription to everyday hero that helps to drive donations online. This is a critical tool for us in 2019 and beyond as our cashless society grows. 

At times when this is required we discuss this with particular donors. It is important to note that no one outside of the accountant gets paid and this is offered at a discount. All work carried out for HUGS is done on a voluntary basis by it's directors. 


At HUGS we believe in being transparent with all our donors and we encourage them to ask questions and hold us accountable. Our success is based on our community spirit and our ability to get donors money directly to the people on the ground. 

The kids behind HUGS

At HUGS the people we hold ourselves most accountable to are the kids in Kenya, they are counting on us. They are not nameless, faceless children. They are real people that we want to see succeed and we are seeing that happen everyday.,

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Written by HUGS Team